Reduced sales cycle and sales cost, increase income for expand the new market.

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM 客户关系管理

Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal: getting and keeping customers. It's an overall strategy to help you learn more about their behavior so you can develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both of you. It's very hard to run a successful business without a strong focus on CRM, as well as adding elements of social media and making the transition to a social enterprise to connect with customers in new ways.

Successful CRM involves many different areas of your company, starting with sales and extending to other customer-facing areas like marketing and customer service. offers a technology solution for all those areas… and more. With Loveconf and our cloud computing platform, you can mind your customers and your budget at the same time. Get up and running in 30 days with the world's most proven CRM solution.

CRM solutions help ensure that your sales, marketing, and support efforts are all working toward a common goal, so you can take your business success to a whole new level. Streamline and automate business processes, give everyone in your company a complete view of the customer, provide deeper analysis and insight into critical sales and customer metrics, and keep everyone focused on getting new customers while keeping the ones you already have happy.

Resolve customer relationship management 4 core problems

Customer View

Customer View:
360°show the business information, customer data completely master.

Include: Basic information, tracking list, account checking, pending affairs arrangement. You could master all customer's information, realiz one by one sales.

business information
Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel:
Sales process management promote the sales success ratio.

Subdivide the sales process step, make a plan to achieve the target step by step, check how may time have been spend for every step, predict the sales amount.

Check the report

Check the report by day, by week, by month:
Manager the sales pellucidly.

Automatically generate sales daily report, include customer tracking list, new customer increase report, orders and contracts etc..

Mobile working

Mobile working, get the information easily:
Holistic manage the vendor and field sales.

Only use mobile phone could let you master the company everything.

CRM 客户关系管理