Direct Broadcast Satellite would not affected by many kinds of factors limit, like as time and site and so on.

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Direct Broadcast Satellite would not affected by many kinds of factors limit, like as time and site and so on. The advantages of the DBS are including: preparation time is short, long distance transmission, communication capacity is big, network deployment is quick, flexible network modules, easy to realize multiple access connection, communication cost nothing to do with communication distance and so on. DBS can realize video, voice and data real-time bidirectional transmission, so DBS has become an important tool for the business communication.

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Trinity, Heavy Fighting At Bayanbulak, The video of DBS online replay.

The Construction of DBS

To construct a unified satellite two-way communication platform, Unified resource scheduling and operational monitoring, DBS terminal station using state-of-the-art facilities domestic satellite communication master and around the world through its own communication satellite resources form a the stellate satellite network, Dedicated stable single-hop satellite linkto ensure data security, real-time transmission; ground optical fiber connected to the corporate headquarters and satellite communication master in the country. The formation of a complete TCP / IP communication network to achieve a full-service real-time communication between the corporate headquarters and the branches.

Earth station communications platform to share, to minimize the one-time investment of enterprises. Sharing of satellite bandwidth resources as much as possible to reduce the cost of enterprise communications.

Resources through its own satellite and satellite operators to provide system services will greatly speed up the process of building information industries and enterprises to enhance their competitiveness in the international market.

The Advantage of DBS

Communication range is large; communication between any two points can be as long as the range covered by the satellite radio waves emitted; susceptible terrestrial disasters, high reliability, opened quickly.

The Service Features of DBS
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  • All-IP service bearer, all voice, video, data, and other services are integrated in the IP platform to provide IP services QoS features, and provides a TCP / IP acceleration;
  • Terminal devices to support a variety of third-party connectivity and interoperability, support the ground seamless links to a variety of IP services and satellite networks;
  • Corporate product launches, reporters conference;
  • Medical information and medical services;
  • Remote training.
  • DBS Service Mode

    The quotation is according to the requirements of the project: the number of participants, the duration of live broadcast, desired impact and so on.

    The Characteristics Of The DBS
  • Unobstructed communication through satellite communications, to provide communications support for the enterprise; minimize communication costs by sharing the master and shared bandwidth.
  • Establish a unified information platform to achieve the sharing of corporate information resources, the establishment of means of information communication mechanism of the internal barrier.
  • Multi-level management information system; establish project management as the core business management platform to achieve full control of the Corporation of project information, improve business execution, and improving the decision-making capacity.
  • Establish security infrastructure and a full range of security management tools to effectively deal with external security risks, and improve the security of overseas personnel, vehicles, items.
  • Through the realization of the above objectives, the promotion of enterprises progressing towards digitization, management standardization, office automation, communication network of information technology development direction.
  • Information Broadcasting

    IP network based on the TCP / IP protocol has become the communications, computer, network agreed and agreement, in order to guarantee the quality of service for real-time communication, such as UDP / IP Transmission Control Protocol over IP networks, has solved the IP network-based multimediacommunication delay problem. A considerable amount of information on the Internet is sent from one source to multiple recipients, called broadcast or multicast.

    Traditional terrestrial Internet based peer-to-peer communication to build all digital content, image and sound is split into packages measured in bytes, sent from the user's most recent ISP usually go through a series of routersthe same content is transmitted at a different point between many times, to ensure the correct reception of all users. Cheaply using satellite broadcast or multicast technology, the Internet information from a point-to-multipoint distribution, while reducing the bandwidth of the terrestrial backbone network pressure to improve the efficiency of the existing network, and reduce the cost of network operation.