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As a modern hospital, in the clinical teaching and academic discussion, surgery webcasting has become an important tool.

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Surgery Webcasting [ Webinar | 卫星直播 ]

As a modern hospital, in the clinical teaching and academic discussion, surgery webcasting has become an important tool, Let the high-resolution medical imaging real-time transmission to the demonstration classroom or lecture hall on the screen, they could discuess by each side at same time. Especially with the precision imaging technology in the medical field of application, Using high-definition camera technology minimally invasive surgery is more teaching research value, digital broadcast operation is increasingly becoming the operation and academic communication can the necessary technical means.

Loveconf offer Surgery Webcasting (Surgery Live Broadcasting) totally solution.

Bypass grafting surgery webcasting online replay.

The modules of surgery webcasting

At present the operation broadcast system basically all is based on a relatively so much simulation system integration mechanisms, mainly consists of three major components: the operating room equipment parts, transmission parts, machine room equipment parts. Three large integrated finally make up our current operation broadcast system. Because at present the hospital before that has most of the respective operation broadcast system, between them, but also the construction s differences there are a lot of technology lag issues, if you want to in the original operation broadcast system continue to use the current high resolution image compression transmission technology, in addition to existing interface differences at the same time, there are the original system structure and equipment distribution in space distance, if choose transformation, may want to change the line, and even overthrow the original system structure, destroy the original operating room layout and so on a large number of practical problems.

Service Features
Super compatibility

For the embodiment of the compatibility are mainly divided into the nest block, the first due at the beginning of the product design has the characteristics of free to move, so no matter the hospital operating room distribution environment how to complex, with its free mobile characteristics, is easy to deal with. Of course this is only to the periphery environment it highly compatible characteristics. The second of the equipment based on PC architecture, hardware, its compatible equipment and interface can almost and at present on market all the interface equipment communicate with, for future function expansion lay a solid foundation.

System flexibility

Due to the full digital audio and video signal acquisition, the system does not need to special wiring, so long as has the network interface place can work, and easy to carry, can bring to any need to place; Modular management extensible; System upgrade simple; Volume is small, the function is all ready powerful, interface processing agile and convenient.

The practicality of the system

Strong management module, the need to record the operation conditions and all kinds of information, such as the surgeon packing processing various kinds of information, time, operation the object the basic situation, etc.; The key operation can be directly recorded, convenient read later, Because the product easy to carry, can quickly and accurately reaches the specified location for the remote operation guidance provides convenient conditions.

The embodiment of the cost-effective

System integration is high, to realize the same function than the digital center distributed operation broadcast system save cost about 25%, and even in some function integration also slightly strong some. Because can do agile motor operation broadcast, hospital aspects can completely in the technology to do the operation situation of live, if the condition allows, the hospital can open surgery process, let the patient's family to watch the whole operation process, all show humanization management system, if proper management may also become a hospital income of one of the items. Will also reduce medical disputes, to create a harmonious social environment.